Today, AMD finally unveils the next generation Kaveri A series APUs which supercedes the previous generation RichLand. This new APU combines the new “Steamroller” x86 core architecture and proven GCN-based graphics cores into one CPU/GPU (APU) chip. It integrates the best of both and enhance it with HSA, Mantle, TrueAudio,Technology, and UVD/VCE to make it a one chip solution for all.


The APU comes with in various clock speeds and power rating.

They typically have  Stream Processors Up to 512
Core Clock Up to 3.7/4.0GHz
Graphics Clock Up to 720MHz
Memory Support Up to 2400MHz w/ AMP
Typical TDP
45W, 65W, 95W
Customizable via Configurable TDP
Chipset Compatibility A88X, A78, A55
HSA Heterogeneous Computing Yes
AMD TrueAudio Technology Yes
API Support
DirectX® 11.2



The APU features include  :
Up to 4 “Steamroller” x86 computing cores
–  Support for the latest ISA instructions including FMA4/3, AVX, AES, XOP
–  Up to 2MB L2 cache per dual-core module (up to 4MB total)
–  Maximum Turbo Frequencies up to 4GHz

Up to 8 GCN-based GPU cores
–  Up to 512 shaders
–  Up to 720MHz
–  8xAA and 16xAF Support
–  DirectX®11.2 Support
–  Mantle Support
–  AMD Eyefinity Technology
– supports 4K Ultra HD Support
–  DisplayPort 1.2 Support
FM2+ Platform
–  Backwards compatible platform means support for other FM2+ APUs new and old
–  PCI Express Gen 3 support
–  AMD CrossFire support with AMD A88X motherboards and above
–  AMD Memory Profile (AMP) support for up to DDR3-2400MHz
–  AMD Dual Graphics

Support with AMD Radeon™ R7 graphics cards
HSA Hetereogeneous Computing
–  hUMA – Heterogeneous Unified Memory Architecture enables shared memory between CPU
and GPU cores
2014 AMD Kaveri A-Series Platform
BENCHMARK GUIDE | NDA Confidential | January 2014  6
–  hQ – Heterogeneous Queuing allows both CPU and GPU cores to independently schedule tasks

AMD TrueAudio Technology
–  Dedicated DSP for true-to-life audio with no performance compromise
–  Enable dynamic 3D sound processing effects across more audio channels
–  Programmable audio pipeline grants artistic freedom to game audio design
Unified Video Decoder and Video Compression Engine
–  Dedicated hardware to offload video encoding/decoding from CPU
–  AMD Picture Perfect support with HD Post-Processing technologies

By Harry