BIOSTAR Ready for AMD FM2+ APU with New Motherboards

January 13th, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan – With AMD’s launching of the FM2+ APU today, BIOSTAR has been hard at work preparing a complete series of mainboards for the supporting A88X, A78 and A55 chipsets. To make upgrading even easier, these boards also have backwards support for previous generation FM2 APUs.

The new AMD “Kaveri” APUs will come with a new socket, the AMD socket FM2+ and will unify the processor families. Kaveri APU features a completely new CPU and GPU architecture. Socket FM2+ will be AMD’s only option in 2014, replacing AM3+ and FM2 and BIOSTAR is providing mainboards ready from the get-go.

The backwards compatibility makes it easy for consumers to pick out a BIOSTAR FM2+ motherboard and a cheaper FM2-based APU while they wait for the perfect time to upgrade to Kaveri this year. Upgrading is a good idea as AMD has managed to tweak their APUs to significantly increase the processing power and put in a GPU as well for graphics rendering, all while using similar amounts of power of previous generation chips. With BIOSTAR’s enhancements to these new FM2+ boards users will enjoy mainboards that excel in additional areas of BIOSTAR expertise such as the BIOSTAR Audio+, Video+, Speed+, Protection+, Durability+ and DIY+. For more info on the BIOSTAR 6+ Experience technology go to: For more info on the BIOSTAR FM2+ motherboards go to:


By Harry