Unboxing the AMD A10 7850 Kaveri processor.

The A10 7850 APU is the just released AMD APU processor with Radeon R7 Graphics. It comes with a 4Ghz max Turbo speed and has a 4 MB Cache. Kaveri A series APUs which supercedes the previous generation Richland. This new APU combines the new “Steamroller” x86 core architecture and proven GCN-based graphics cores into one CPU/GPU (APU) chip. It integrates the best of both and enhance it with HSA, Mantle, TrueAudio,Technology, and UVD/VCE to make it a one chip solution for all. It must be used on the new Socket FM2+ motherboards. Below is the unboxing video.

The A10 7850 has 4 STREAMROLLER x86 cores and has a max boost turbo speed of 4.0 GHz. It has 4MB L2 cache and 8 GCN GPU Cores. The GPU frequency is at 720MHz. It supports HSA and AMD TrueAudio Technology.

Check out the performance compared to earlier generation A10-6800K and Intel Core i5.

By Harry