Leaked AMD Roadmap Q4 2013, AMD moving towards APUs 

A leaked AMD roadmap has surfaced on the internet lately. We have reposted the image as it is.

amd roadmap



While some media are surprised that there were no discrete processors until 2015 or later (only Vishera FX CPUs), I am quite sure that AMD is concentrating it’s efforts on two things to revive their marketshare.

When the first APUs were launched, the Trinity and followed by Richland, most DIY users were looking at Intel Core 3rd and 4th generation processors as they also have integrated graphics cores but they have the Overclocking factor which AMD lacks. While AMD Socket FM2 processors weren’t that overclockable, it beats the graphics performance hell out of Intel counterparts. The lack of higher end PCIe 3.0 on AMD could have dampen the interest of AMD in year 2013 in the early months when there were still large inventory of Socket FM1 boards.

As for year 2014, the Kaveri APU will be paired with new Socket FM2+ motherboards boards with a new CPU Core “StreamrollberB” and Radeon Graphics. In fact the new A88X chipset motherboards already announced and available in some markets. Existing Richland processors will also fit into A88X boards.

As for the Essentials, the Zacate/Ontario and Kabini is seldom seen in the retail market. We did review a couple of them based on AMD Zacate E350. These boards have their processors soldered on board and are very compact in size.

The last in the roadmap lis the Kabini in a different SOC FCH on socket FS1B. This would probably be similar in performance to the 2013 Kabini APUs but in a different pin configuration with smaller power comsumption.

The 2nd product line which I think AMD is focusing on is the ARM processors. As we know, AMD is already and ARM licensee. With the high penetration rate of mobile computing device, this is a lucrative market untapped by AMD. The low power consumption and integration makes one wants to try out an AMD graphics powered device.