Intel will continue to use LGA packaging till 1H 2015 for it’s processors

According to a digitimes reports, LGA packaging will continue for Intel’s processors until 1H 2015 based on Intel’s latest roadmap for desktop platform.

This is assurance to motherboard manufacturers as it will have more time till 2015 as Intel transits from LGA to BGA packaging. With BGA packaging desktop users will not be able to upgrade BGA-packaged processors. So, you will probably end up with soldered on processors on motherboards.

On the other hand, 22nm Haswell processors to be launched in June 2013 and 14nm Skylake processors to be launched in 2015 will be LGA packaged, while entry-level 14nm Broadwell processors to be launched in 2014 will be BGA packaged, the sources noted.

Source : Digitimes