AMD has been relatively quiet the past year. In fact, the hiccups with it’s earlier roadmaps and timeline has end users switching camps in the past couple of years. Anyway, it is good to hear from AMD at their 2015 Financial Analyst Day their roadmap.

AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster at the AMD’s 2015 Financial Analyst Day gave the audiences the heads up on it’s roadmap for the upcoming year and beyond. , and one of the first things he covered was AMD’s CPU technology roadmap for the next couple of years. One of the highlights is the Zen processors. AMD is keeping quiet of the details but will provide more information before it’s scheduled launch in 2016 (We predict it to be 1Q 2016).

According to the chart, the Zen Core promises 40% more instruction per clock. I always feel that AMD processors are more responsive and now we have more instructions per clock.


 AMD is not releasing details but from the slide, the ZEN is a totally redesign with better latency and cache system


So far it is unknown which firm will manufacture the processors but it may be GlobalFoundries. The Desktop version of it (the traditional discrete FX) will be first to be out while the APUs will have to wait a while.

Zen processors will come with a new socket type AM4 and will support DDR4.  The APUs will also share the same socket AM4 instead of having a discrete on AM3 and APU on FM2+ which confuses the market.





AMD (NYSE) is at USD 2.27 per share with a 52 wk range of 2.14 – 4.80

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