Mozilla today announced that its Firefox Home iPhone application has been accepted to the App Store, and is available for downloading.

The program is not a full-fledged version of Firefox, but instead is a spin-off of the bookmark and tab synchronization technology it currently offers as an add-on to the desktop browser.

Mozilla submitted Firefox Home to the App Store on June 30.

The wait was longer than for most proposed apps, according to recent comments by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In remarks last month at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Jobs claimed that 95% of the submissions it receives are approved, most of them in less than a week.

Firefox Home gives users access to their browser bookmarks and history, as well as to the open tabs from their most recent Firefox sessions. The iPhone application also includes technology from Firefox’s “Awesome Bar” — Mozilla’s name for the revamped address bar in Firefox 3.0 and later — that lets users search for previously-visited pages using keywords or characters in either the URL or the page title.