FireFox 3.5.6 released

Mozilla has released new Firefox 3.5.6 update for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The new update patches few critical security holes in Firefox and also few stability fixes. About 62 fixes arrive with the Firefox 3.5.6 which can be downloaded here.

As per the releases notes of Firefox 3.5.6 web browser, the previous 3.5.5 version suffered from three critical security flaws. For all OS platforms, Firefox 3.5.5 suffered from memory corruption problems, and in their Ogg-format technology.

Apart from fixing these critical security holes, this update also brings about 62 patch fixes in the 3.5.6 version.

Firefox’s next major update 3.6 dubbed Namoroka was expected to arrive at the end of this year. However, we now see it coming only by next year.