Apple’s iPad 2 is the lighter, thinner and faster tablet we were all expecting, but it seems that the changes are too little.

Yes, you are now with a faster processor, a dual core A5. You can now do video conferencing with dual cameras. One thing is that you are still back to the same old screen.

To connect to the internet, you still require to use USB or Bluetooth tethering. You are still stucked to iTunes for that. The iOS 4.3 is basically similar to the previous versions with slight improvements to support the new processor.

Again, if you want to hook up the iPad through HDMI, that will be $39 for the Apple Digital AV Adapter. Want to transfer photos directly to the iPad without going through iTunes? That’ll be $29 for the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. Motorola’s $800 Xoom, doesn’t come close on pricing for the tablet itself, but $68 for a pair of connectivity dongles seems a little unfair.