Roundup of Rumours about the to be released iPad 2.

With so many Android tablets out there in the market, iPad 2 would need to be one step up in terms of specifications to match the competitors.

Most techie users are already suggesting that the new iPad 2 should have a high resolution display screen. We personally find that it will still be 10″ and not a 7″ or 8.9″

Next is the add on of a micro USB slot and SD card slot for external memory. This would definitely help in making it easier to trasfer stuff out. Judging from the usual Apple style of doing things, it seems that it is unlikely they will provide that. If that is the case, we don’t think the Thunderbolt would make it on iPad 2 as well with 1Gbps of transfer speed.

As for the hardware, we feel that there will be different versions for different networks. First would be WiFi only, the second is 3G whiel the third is CDMA.

There would also be 2 cameras, one for front and back. It would be great for Apple’s video Facetime.

The speakers would be improved to give better sound quality.

In fact, we think the iPad 2 would be just a minor update with a a speed boost with a faster processor.

We will know the final specifications in 2 hours time from now.