Futuremark 3Dmark Vantage and 3DMark11 benchmarks

In 3Dmark Vantage and 3DMark11 tests, we ran the Radeon HD 6850 card with Catalyst 10.12 on it at the HIGH resolution (1680). ASRock P67 Professional FATAL1TY seems to lag a bit behind the ASUS P8P67Pro in this test.

Futuremark 3DMark11 is also tested at X mode (1920) and the results is the opposite. The ASRock P67 Professional FATAL1TY perform better than the ASUS P8P67Pro. The interesting fact is that the older platform performs 1 point better at X144.


3 thoughts on “ASRock P67 FATAL1TY Motherboard PROFESS1ONAL SERIES (INTEL P67) Full Review”
  1. When I looked at Fatal1ty P67 Professional board, I thod it was nothing special. Seeing it had SmartView for IE, I KNEW it was nothing special. Just some lame mobo with OC’d price.

    And you listed smartview as a “useful feature”? Omfg, if ya want to OC anything, you dont want to waste the extra speed on crappy programs where there are way better ones available for free. The first thing ya do with vanilla windows is uninstall IE and install FF or GC instead. Then maybe disable some useless processes. But for fcks sake, SmartView is the most useless feature there is. Any mobo that comes with it just cant be made by professionals.

    Besides, there are a lot better 1155 mobos that cost less than Fatal1ty P67 Professional.

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