Other features

ASUS BT Go 3.0 now supports highly transfer rates of up to 24Mbps instead of the slow speed of 3Mbps. More phone makers are adopting this new standard to make transfers faster.

Now, you can easily flashback your BIOS by just inserting the USB stick with BIOS file and press the  flash back button. Everything will be done automatically by just press the button.

The UEFI BIOS has a new feature that automatically detects incompatible DRAM SPD information and will show it in the BIOS. So you can now check DRAM status by one click of the button.

Going through the UEFI BIOS can be time consuming. It takes time to find where the settings are hidden under which menu item. With F3 shortcut, you can now reorganise them accordingly to suit your needs.

ASUS USB 3.0 boost boosts the USB speed when paired with UASP USB device.

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