At CES 2010, ECS not only shows their series of Intel H55/H57 boards. They will also showcase the futuristic AMD 890 chipset mainboards. The AMD 890. The board model name is ECS A890GXM-A. As the name implies, it is a new board based on AMD 890 chipset that replaces the aging 790GX.

Below are pictures of the mainboard

This board comes with a PCI slot, 3 PCIe full lenght slots for CrossFire X. There are 4 DIMM slots supporting DDR3-1800 (OC). There are 5 SATA II ports with the 6th as eSATA at the back panel. The board also deatures Hybrid CrossFire, so we assume the chipset on board is a AMD 890GX with integrated graphics. The board also supports eJiffy which works very similary to ASUS’s ExpressGate, allowing you to access the net, instant messaging, browse pictures on your HDD/USB without botting into Windows.