ASUS USB 3.1 SuperSpeed Enclosure and Performance preview
Bluetooth 4 Mar 2015

Currently, all the motherboards out there should be equipped with Super Speed USB 3.0 support. USB 3.0 was developed in 2008 and was to replace the aging USB 2.0 which transmits data at merely 480Mb/s. USB 3.0 achieved a theoretical limit of 10 times more at 4.8Gbps.

However, the with the requirement of faster data transfer between peripherals, 4.8Gbps seems like a standard of yesteryear.

In 2015, the technology has allowed the USB speed to be doubled to 10Gbps with the introduction of the Super Speed Plus USB 3.1 Protocol. It improves the data rate and encoding providing a high throughput of 10Gbps. Although it has a new physical connector, Super Speed Plus USB 3.1 is compatible with existing SuperSpeed USB3.0 software stacks and device protocols, works with both existing 5 Gbps USB 3.0 hubs and devices, as well as USB 2.0 products.

IMG_0204 copy

ASUS adopted the new standard with a ASmedia chip and provided the test kit. USB 3.1 Enclosure, the world’s first USB 3.1 prototype component provided by ASUS for user to
experience the powerful boost on the data transfer speed brought by USB 3.1, adopted only for  early phase USB 3.1 benchmarking. The USB 3.1 Enclosure was constructed by ASMedia controller
with two 256GB mSATA devices in RAID 0(automatically), and delivers the world’s first pure USB 3.1  interface connection for user to experience.

IMG_0198 copy

On the next, we take a closer look of what is inside the enclosure.

By Harry