Within the enclosure

There are two 250GB mSATA cards installed on the PCB. The USB 3.1 controller chip is by ASmedia. So ASmedia  is the first company to have USB 3.1 products ready. The chipset is ASMedia 1352R.

So will it be able to deliver close to 10Gbps. Let’s see. from the test results provided by ASUS.

IMG_0210 copy

asus usb31 results-1 asus usb31 results-2Comparing the CrystalDiskMark performance, the USB 3.1 performance is remarkably higher than using plain USB 3.0. USB 3.0 generally give us a result of 445MBps while USB 3.1 with Boost enabled pushed the USB 3.1 higher from 783.1 to 863.9 MBps.

The above results were preliminary and with better drivers, I am sure the performance will be better. Watch out for our own test results soon on OCWORKBENCH.

So, will you get a USB 3.1 capable motherboard or add on card ? Discuss in our forums.

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