Audio House is first in Singapore to offer a cashless electronic showroom in Singapore. As more retailers are moving to the electronic platform, there are customers who still prefer to visit a showroom to test out the equipment before placing an order. Customers can now view the product, find out the detail specifications and pricing by scanning the QR code attached to the product.

From 11 to 20 Nov 2017, Audio House will be giving out free $100 vouchers to all new members who sign up at These vouchers will be given in $20 denominations, where these new members can offset each $20 voucher with every $100 spent.

Once registered, you can top up your cash credit at the store.  My eWallet is basically the vouchers you have obtained (for every purchase of $100, you get $20 cashback). The term is a bit confusing and they could have just call it eVoucher or just eCashback to make it easier for customers to understand.

As the Cash Back is $20 cashback for every $100 spent, you might want to plan properly before making the purchase for the optimum discount as the cashback can be used to offset your purchase. Do take note the amount that can be offset from the My eWallet (the cashback) depends on the item purchase.

For example, Dyson AM07 Tower Fan is retailing at $485. As there is this condition that you can only offset $20 for every $100 spend, you can only use up to $80 of your eWallet. The total you have to fork out will be $405.

If the item is $500, and your eWallet has $100, you can fully utilise the $100 to offset the purchase. In that case, you have to work out $400.

As you have spent $485, you will get an additional $80 to offset your next purchase. This seems like a good way to encourage customers to shop more.

Enjoy shopping.

By Harry

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