Having a great PSU nowadays is really important especially for the hardcore gamers out there that uses SLI/Crossfire configuration. With this kind of setup, it will surely demand a high power and of course a reliable PSU.
be quiet! Power Zone are going to be launch tomorrow. Power Zone, consists of four models starting at 650W and followed by 750W, 850W and 100 W versions. If you don’t know, be quiet! is a premium brand manufacturer of power supplies and cooling solutions for your desktop PC based in Germany and  expanding it’s market to the US



Many PC enthusiast will surely love the Power Zone series especially for it looks and performance. All four units of Power Zone line have single +12 rail design, and also use 105°  C rated capacitors and claim 80 plus Bronze efficiency.  The other feature are carried over from the Dark Power Pro P10 line. This product will come up with a 5 year warranty.


By Harry