GTX 980 Ti is up to 3X faster when compared to a GTX 680.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

It features 6GB of memory and enough CUDA cores to drive games at 4K. That makes it great for 4K gaming, and great for future games, too. The GTX 980 Ti also features support for Microsoft’s next-generation DirectX 12 graphics application programming interface.

We’ve supercharged all our GTX 900-series Maxwell GPUs with DX12 features that unlock the full promise of the new API. All Maxwell GPUs support DX12, including support for conservative raster and volume tiled resources. This means developers can do more with their games on Maxwell than on any other GPU.

Cool, Quiet, Compact

Your games will be more immersive. They’ll run faster. And they’ll look better. And with a design that sips power rather than gulps it, gamers get quiet, cool operation. Noise or heat will never become a distraction. And, for those with space constraints, you can even use GTX 980 Ti in a small form-factor PC.

Industry analysts are predicting there will be more than 350 million PCs running Windows 10 within the first year of its release. That’s a lot of potential gamers. And with more than 100 developers working on DX12 games, now’s the perfect time to grab one now.

Price Comparison of various brands of GTX 980 TI.