At last we see some real picture of the upcoming GeForce GTX 480/470. The first to hit the web comes from XFX.

The XFX GeForce GTX 480 comes with 1536MB of GDDR5 memory , CUDA 480 Cores (instead of 512 that had been previously reported) and the card includes support for DirectX 11 technology, CUDA, PhysX, Vision 3D Surround, and 3-way SLI .

As for the XFX GeForce GTX 470 has the same technological characteristics, but incorporates CUDA 448 Cores and 1280MB of GDDR5 memory.

The default frequencies for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 (GF100 or Fermi) is 700Mhz for the core , to 1401Mhz shader engine and GDDR5 at effective 3700MHz with a FSB of 384 -bit resulting in a bandwidth of 173.4GB / s.

In the case of the GeForce GTX 470, this will come with a frequency of 607Mhz core , to 1215Mhz and 3348Mhz shader engine for memory (GDDR5) with a FSB of 320-bits, resulting in giving a bandwidth of 130.7GB / s.

Thermal power of these new graphics cards, according to the GTX 480 will have a TDP of 295W, while the GTX 470 will have a TDP of 225W. As for the prices the GTX 480 would be priced at $ 499, while the GTX 470 cost $ 349.

Of course these information are subjected to changes and we expect to see the final specifications on 26 March when it is officially announced.