Lantic Launches its GT430 1GB DDR3
Level-Up Your Game on the Latest DirectX 11 Titles

With NVIDIA launching of GeForce GT430 – the final GPU in the first-generation Fermi stack into the add-in card market, Lantic introduce its lowest priced and a DirectX11 Fermi card – Lantic GeForce GT 430 – a card which is designed to replace the GT 220 be an ideal upgrade for those who have integrated graphics.

Lantic GT430 1GB GDDR3 it’s based on NVIDIA’s Fermi architecture with a 128-bit 1GB GDDR3 memory, uses 40nm GF108 chipset and with 96 built-in CUDA stream processors. The core clock/ memory clock reach to 700MHz/1400MHz and can support HDMI. Lantic GeForce GT 430 provides DX11 compatibility, and with a thermal design power (TDP) of just 49W that can use power sparingly.