The Biostar TP67XE can be said as a no frills board. It has just the right mix of ingredients saving you from paying for unnecessary features. In fact, Biostar TP67XE has quite a similar feature set as most other brands. They include SATA 6Gbps, eSATA, USB 3.0, SLI/CF. While some boards support 3 slots of PCIe for 3 way SLI/CF, Biostar only has 2. Front USB 3.0 is also missing. This might be good features to have , well at least for front USB 3.0 which is pretty useful these days. The BioRemote is a nice feature too for smartphone users to remote control their system using their handphone.

The board’s performance is quite on par with other P67 boards we have tested so far. As the BCLK is at 100.1MHz, it might have an impact on the performance figures.

Overclocking wise, this board has a comprehensive selections within the BIOS for your fine tuning. Although we have seen screen shots of the board achieving 5.5GHz on AIR, our Engineering sample CPU could only do up to 4.7GHz on all the other boards we have tested. Below is a screen shot with CPUID showing a 47×100. CPU voltage is +0.1v. If BIOS tweaking is not  enough, you can fine tune the votlages within Windows using the T-Overclocker. Unfortunately, the software seems to have some strange bugs, reading the CPU multiplier as 1X. auto overclocking option V6, V9, Auto overclocking doesn’t seem to work too well. Documentation and packaging has room for improvements.

In Conclusion, the BIOSTAR TP67XE board has good potential. I like the power on/off and debug leds which are missing from other vendors. While running through the manual, there isn’t much documentation about the second AUX connector on the top right corner of the board. Overall, it is a sturdy board which should be in your consideration list if you do not intend to use 3 way CF/SLI.


Power On/Off Switch
Bio Remote 2


No Front USB 3.0


Here are my ratings out of 10.

 Category Score
 Performance 9  / 10
 Features 9 / 10
 Ease Of Installation 10 / 10
 Overclocking Features 10 / 10
 Documentation 7 / 10
 Packaging 7 / 10
 Cost / Performance 8 / 10
 Overall Rating : 8.6 / 10


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