Canon Connect Station CS100


Canon today launched the Connect Station CS100, a convenient one-stop platform to promote the social experience of viewing and sharing of photographs and videos with friends and family. With evolving photography trends, more are becoming inclined towards taking and viewing photographs through small screens such as mobile devices or camera LCD screens. These screens however, are inadequate for sharing truly high quality images taken with a dedicated camera.

The Connect Station CS100 enables photos from different devices to be stored and organised within a central device for easy sharing and viewing. With a variety of ways to transfer images, such as through Wi-Fi, NFC, SD/CF cards or a USB connection, backing up photographs from smart phones and tablets; photographs and videos from digital cameras and camcorders on to the Canon Connect Station CS100 is a seamless and fun experience.

Photographs and videos shared among loved ones are commonly done over mobile devices today, which inhibit the full appreciation of high quality images,” said Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director, Consumer Business Marketing, Canon Singapore. “The Connect Station CS100 changes this by encouraging friends and families to make reminiscing memories and the appreciation of photography a social experience, providing a means for families and loved ones to share special moments, and to bond over them.”

Intuitive storage and organisation of photographs and videos

With 1 Terabyte (TB) of built-in storage, the Connect Station CS100 is capable of holding a large volume of media. Complementing the large storage space, Canon has also designed several intuitive ways to back up content.

For NFC-enabled devices such as digital cameras, users simply need to place the device near the Connect Station CS100 to establish a connection between the two devices, following which files may be transferred via a Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, media can also be transferred via SD/CF memory cards and directly from digital cameras via USB connections. The Connect Station CS100 is also able to intuitively detect and back up only new photos to prevent unwanted duplication, save time, and maximise storage space.

Photographs and videos are neatly organised by date and camera name, allowing users to easily locate their specific shots without having to sieve through a large collection of media. To facilitate greater organisation, media can also be grouped into albums, according to themes or user preferences.

Revisit cherished memories with loved ones in high quality image and video

When connected to any modern television (TV) via HDMI cable, users will be able to navigate content in the Connect Station CS100 effortlessly through a remote control. With photo and video playback capabilities on a large screen TV, users will be better able to appreciate the fine and subtle details of a well-taken photograph, which would have otherwise been missed on the smaller screen of a mobile device. The excellent processing power of the Connect Station CS100 also ensures smooth playback of user-captured high bit-rate movies, thereby enabling family and friends to gather and reminisce cherished memories in high quality video and images, all from the comfort of the living room.

Effortless sharing and accessibility across physical boundaries

When it comes to sharing images and videos stored on the Connect Station CS100, users are able to directly upload images and videos stored in the device onto Canon Image Gateway (CiG) when connected to a wireless network. Alternatively, users are able to upload images and videos via the Connect Station CS100 onto popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter after a one time set up on CiG.

The Connect Station CS100 can also be directly accessed through any web browser on mobile devices when both devices are connected to the same network, allowing users to view and download content immediately. For best-in-market user convenience, the Connect Station CS100 is currently the only media centre on the market that supports web browser access without a need to install any dedicated applications.

Two separate Connect Station CS100 devices can be synchronised with each other via CiG to facilitate photo-sharing among different user groups and households. For example, a young family can set up their device to synchronise with another unit placed at their parents’ home to enable grandparents to view the latest photos of their grandchildren. The user-friendly interface of the Connect Station CS100 also makes navigating images and videos a breeze.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and availability of the Connect Station CS100 will be announced at a later date.

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