wirelesshd_technologySilicon Image (NASDAQ: SIMG), a leading provider of HD connectivity solutions, today announced a wireless video connectivity solution capable of supporting 4K Ultra HD resolution. Based on Silicon Image’s 60GHz WirelessHD® technology, this reference design includes both transmitter and receiver devices capable of sending full, bit accurate video at data rates up to 8Gbps.


With 4K displays expected to become more prevalent in the mainstream consumer market, this solution will provide cable-quality wireless connectivity between 4K displays and sources. This solution leverages Silicon Image’s production-proven, third-generation 60GHz WirelessHD chipset, offering a robust wireless connection free from Wi-Fi interference, and with near-zero latency that is ideally suited for home theater and interactive gaming applications.

“Our 4K Ultra HD WirelessHD reference design will allow consumers, gamers, and home theater enthusiasts to upgrade to 4K technology without sacrificing ease of connectivity or design elegance,” said Jim Chase, senior marketing director for wireless products at Silicon Image. “WirelessHD is the ideal solution to allow consumers to enjoy 4K Ultra HD content in their homes without adding complex cabling or compromising quality or performance.”

The reference design includes complete design schematics, documentation, and software available. Standardized 60GHz modules are used, which reduces development cost and time-to-market. OEMs can bring 4K Ultra HD wireless adapter products to market quickly and with minimum design effort by utilizing this new adapter reference design.

WirelessHD® technology enables high-speed,  high-performance wireless communication among consumer electronics, PCs, and mobile devices. Operating in the uncongested 60 GHz frequency band, its high bandwidth capacity and robust error-correction combine to  deliver uncompressed HD video, multi-channel surround sound, and  intelligent control data wirelessly.

Key Features

  • Dramatically simplifies home theatre installation and eliminates the need to locate source devices like set-top boxes near the TV. Allows a  TV to be hung on virtually any wall without drilling holes or running  audio and video cables
  • Operates in the 60 GHz frequency band, not subject to interference by WiFi signals, microwave radiation, or cordless phones
  • Extremely low latency makes it suitable for even the most demanding  applications, such as gaming and interactive video streaming
  • Supports up to 1080p/60 video and 7.1 surround sound. High data  transfer rates (10-28 Mbps) enable transmission of uncompressed signals  for a superior viewing experience
  • Supports HDCP technology for handling copy-protected digital content

Silicon Image at the 2014 International CES – Las Vegas, Nevada

Silicon Image will be showcasing its HD connectivity solutions by invitation only in the Meeting Place #MP25975, South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the 2014 International CES from Tuesday, January 7, 2014 to Friday, January 10, 2014.


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