China Mobile Hong Kong has unveiled its cutting-edge 5G Advanced technology today, boasting an impressive peak downlink speed of 12 Gbps. This exciting revelation coincides with the launch of their 10 Gbps home fiber broadband plan.

While we’re excited about this development, we eagerly await additional technical insights from CMHK regarding their 5G Advanced technology, particularly it’s implementation.

From online sources, it is mentioned that the speed of 12 Gbps downlink is obtained in a test lab. The network in question aggreates the 400 MHz of mmwave and 190 Mhz of 5G sub6 band to achieve the speed.

It is not the first time in history that such test results are achievable. According to this video, Samsung already achieve 8.5 Gbps using mmWave.

Given the potential for high bandwidth allocation in mmwave bands, it’s plausible that a strategic carrier aggregation approach could readily attain such remarkable peak speeds, albeit in controlled environments.

At this moment, only phones with mmWave capability sold in the USA might be able to do carrier aggegration to achieve higher speeds. In fact, in Singapore, at Orchard Road, you can test out mmWave with carrier aggregation with n1 band. Although connection can be achieve, the data speed is pretty low.

By Harry