HK telecom introduces 50 Gbps fibre broadband network for home and business users. It uses a 2 ports of 25 Gbps + 25 Gbps to achieve 50 Gbps.

In a demonstration, it achieved a downlink of 25 Gbps and uplink speed of 13 Gbps (photo from PCmarket).

Both corporate and household computer equipment also need to be upgraded to support the higher network speed. According to Hong Kong Telecom’s presentation at the conference, a 50Gbps router is equipped with two 25GE (25Gbps Ethernet), two 10GE (10Gbps), and two GE (1000Mbps) interfaces, so the maximum upload/download speed for each device is 25/25Gbps. Currently available 25Gbps connectivity solutions on the market require PCs and commercial servers to be fitted with 25Gbps PCI-E network cards, while devices such as Macs with Thunderbolt 4 interfaces can utilize Thunderbolt 4 external network devices, providing the same speed of 25Gbps.

With the faster network and paried with WIFI 7 wireless routers, it will speed up internet access for everyone more for enterprises than homes.

At times, we contemplate whether such high speeds are truly necessary, especially when we’re unable to fully utilize a 500 Mbps fiber link at home. Or perhaps it’s merely a demonstration of speedtest numbers to showcase which telecom company in the world is the first to achieve such speeds.

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Source : PCmarket HK

By Harry