Although Pixel 3a XL no longer receives monthly security updates, Google Play System update is still being pushed out to improve on it’s play system and play store updates.

Google Play System Updates can include security patches, bug fixes, and other improvements. Google System Updates include updates to the Android operating system, Google Play Store, and Google Play services. 

Google Play System Updates are also known as Project Mainline module updates. Google releases a Google Play System Update about once a month. 

Google Play System Updates can improve the following: Device connectivity, Network usage, Security, Stability, and Updatability. 

Google Play System Updates can also include: New features, Optimizations for faster and more reliable download and installation, Continuous improvements to Play Protect, and Performance optimizations. 

Google Play System Updates don’t require firmware updates or phone manufacturers. 

This is a newer update as the March update posted on this site. Google Playstore is updated to version 40.2.23-31.

By Harry