In light of recent instances of scams and malware incidents in Singapore, we’d like to share an upcoming global update aimed at enhancing security. Google is taking steps to bolster the protective capabilities of Google Play Protect by introducing real-time code-level scanning to combat emerging malicious apps.

Commencing today, Google will empower Google Play Protect with real-time code-level scanning. When users install apps that have not undergone prior scanning, Google Play Protect will now recommend a real-time app scan to identify potential threats.

The scanning process will extract essential information from the app and transmit it to the Play Protect backend infrastructure for a thorough code-level assessment. Once the real-time analysis is complete, users will receive a notification indicating whether the app is safe to install or potentially harmful. This improvement will significantly enhance user protection against malicious polymorphic apps that employ various techniques, including artificial intelligence, to avoid detection.

Google’s security measures and machine learning algorithms continuously learn from each app submitted for review. By analyzing thousands of signals and app behavior, Google Play Protect continually enhances its protection, fortifying the Android ecosystem against potential threats.

This enhancement complements Android’s multi-faceted security approach, designed to safeguard users from mobile malware and unwanted software. Android’s existing proactive defenses, such as Google Play Protect, ongoing security updates, app permission controls, Safe Browsing, and more, work in tandem to ensure data security and privacy. Additionally, features like spam and phishing protection in Google Messages and Gmail further bolster these safeguards.

The rollout of this Google Play Protect enhancement has already begun on Android devices equipped with Google Play services, initially in select countries like India, and will expand to all regions in the coming months.

By Harry