Recently, OCBC Bank in Singapore introduced a new security enhancement to their OCBC Digital app. This enhancement involves the app scanning and identifying other applications installed on the user’s phone. In case any potentially unsafe apps are detected, the user will receive a prompt to remove them.

Failure to uninstall these flagged apps will result in the customer being unable to access OCBC’s mobile banking services. It is recommended that users solely download official applications from the Google Store and refrain from obtaining apps from unfamiliar sources, such as in the form of APK files.

In fact, this introduction should be embraced, as it will play a vital role in mitigating the potential threats of malware attempting to pilfer banking login credentials. Furthermore, it will significantly diminish the chances of customers losing their hard-earned savings due to a compromised account resulting from the actions of such malicious software, which could potentially harvest their login details.

Surprisingly, a few users expressed frustration over their inability to access the OCBC online banking app. This was due to the identification of certain apps on their phones, which may have been sourced from the Google Play Store. To provide an illustrative example, apps like Microsoft Authenticator and LG ThinQ, designed for managing LG TVs, were singled out as flagged items with possible malware implications.

An additional user raised concerns regarding two applications obtained from their respective official websites. These applications are the Chinese apps Douyin 抖音 and XIgua Shipin 西瓜視頻 were flagged and needs to be uninstalled.

Certain customers perceive OCBC’s approach as overly assertive, with the app appearing quite invasive and resembling ransomware in its behavior. It seems that unless specific apps are uninstalled, access to one’s account is restricted.

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Source OCBC FB page

By Harry