The Circles.Life Multi-SIM  comes with multiple benefits including: 

  1. The Ability to Stretch Data Across Devices: Users can work from one device, shop from another and stream on another all at the same time, using their existing data package.
  2. The Power to Share Data with Friends and Family: Since the Multi-SIM is compatible with virtually any device that has a SIM card slot, users can now share their data package with multiple users.
  3. A Way To Protect Phone Battery Life: The Multi-SIM negates the need for users to hotspot across devices, which is often damaging to their phone’s battery life and allows them to share data from the base plan effortlessly.
  4. An Alternate Option to WiFi:  In comparison to mobile broadband plans that might give users only 5GB for $29.90/mo, the Multi-SIM offers a whopping 100GB for just $50/mo. The MultiSIM is extremely simple to use and can be plugged into anything from a tablet to a mobile wifi router to get users connected instantaneously.

Over 1/3rd of the Circles.Life customer base has indicated interest in Multi-SIMs and to give them a way to trial the product, the Circles.Life 09.09 Sale offers: 

  • A Special Data Only Plan Offer: 50GB for $25 $20/mo or 130GB for $45 $40/mo (no code needed)
  • A Multi-SIM Free Trial for 2 months: When they sign up for a 20GB Plan or 100GB Plan (Code: MULTISIM)

By Harry