SAPPHIRE Technology will demonstrate the strength of its three business divisions, Consumer graphics, Professional Graphics Solutions (PGS) and Embedded systems, with both static and live demonstrations of products featuring the latest technologies at Computex 2015 in Taipei from 2nd – 6th June 2015.

SAPPHIRE Professional Graphics Solutions

For over a year now SAPPHIRE PGS has been the Exclusive Global Distribution partner for AMD FireProTM professional graphics. The product line-up of the new workstation series delivers a full range of performance from the flagship W9100 with its industry-leading 16GB frame buffer and 6 Displayport outputs, through the highly competitive W8100 and W7100 workstation graphics to the new W5100 and W4100 cards for entry level workstations. This is complemented by new additions to the server series. During Computex, SAPPHIRE will host several live demonstrations of the application of these devices.

AMD has recently released AMD Eyefinity Pro for members of the AMD FirePro workstation series. AMD Eyefinity Pro provides users with the ability to expand display configurations beyond the output capabilities of a single graphics card. Up to four graphics cards can be used to drive up to 24 displays as a single large surface (SLS). In Computex, SAPPHIRE will demonstrate AMD Eyefinity Pro with multiple display cards driving 16 Displays as an SLS.

AMD FirePro Server Graphics play a major role in the cloud gaming segment. AMD FirePro Server Graphics cloud gaming solutions provide stability, reliability and the most advanced technologies towards the ecosystem. Currently, Ubitus uses the AMD FirePro W7100 in their standard portfolio to support cloud gaming customers. During Computex, Ubitus will demonstrate an AMD FirePro based server running games on client devices such as TV with console and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

SAPPHIRE will also demonstrate a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for remote workstation applications, using a VMware software solution. The system will comprise a server based on the AMD FirePro R5000 supporting Teradici Technology and the AMD FirePro S9050 for VDI solutions.

One of SAPPHIRE’s demonstrations will show the difference between having AMD FirePro Server Graphics support at the server compared with a remote solution without AMD FirePro Server Graphics support. Thus will illustrate how remote desktop runs faster with server graphics than remote desktop without server graphics support.

SAPPHIRE will also preview a forthcoming new product – the SAPPHIRE ZC400 Teradici Zero Client. A SAPPHIRE ZC400 will be connected through PCoIP to demonstrate remote workstation capability with professional applications running remotely. The SAPPHIRE ZC400 is a small format, stylish and fanless design for a powerful zero client solution based on the Teradici TERA2140 processor. It requires no CPU, operating system or hard drive, is easy to set up and manage, and can support up to 4 HD displays, or two ultra-high resolution displays (2560 x 1600) for remote working with professional design or financial applications.

Consumer Graphics

SAPPHIRE continues to be the market leader for AMD based graphics solutions for everyone from the home and office PC user to the hardcore gaming and hardware enthusiasts. Its flagship Vapor-X and Tri-X solutions continue to receive industry acclaim for their high performance yet quiet operation, and the mainstream Dual-X series also enjoys the reputation for quality and reliability.

In Computex, a selection of the current products will be on display, and although the next generation of products are not yet due for launch, SAPPHIRE will be briefing is customers on its plans for the next series.

The Gaming enthusiast will be aware that there is something exciting coming from SAPPHIRE soon. Followers of the new SAPPHIRE Nation community website will be the first to hear of the plans for a completely new series of products aimed to bring a new experience to the majority of gamers.

By Harry