SAPPHIRE PGS AMD FirePro W5000 DVI –Up to 2560*2048 Resolution, Dual Dual-Link DVI Outputs for Medical Imaging, Radiology and PACS Review
— FEB 18, 2012—Sapphire PGS today launched a Professional Graphics which special designed for a variety of medical display market. Compare to the W5000 which was released at August, 2012, AMD FirePro W5000 DVI native built with 2* Dual-Link DVI Outputs and no need any switch cables for DVI interface monitor users.  AMD FirePro W5000 DVI provides up to 2560*2048 resolutions while in Packed Pixel Mode. The same as the other W series products, using the 28nm GCN architecture graphics core to provide better performance and up to 1.72 TFLOPS single precision floating point.  The card can drive up to two 5MP displays independently or combined, or drive a single 10MP display with dual input connectors as a single large desktop. It supports 10-bit and 12-bit grayscale 2D output for up to 1024 shades of grey (CT and XRay images). The form factor is single-slot FH/HL, actively fan cooling.  Support for OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL 4.2 and DirectX 11.1.
AMD FirePro W5000 DVI Product Features:
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ü   Single Slot, FH/LH form factor with actively fan cooling
ü   2GB GDDR5 high-speed memory capable of handling high complexity module, interactive content and standard definition video with ease.
ü   Support for 2*Dual Link DVI 5MP display output or a single 10MP display with dual input connectors as a single large desktop.
ü   Support for 10-bit/12-bit greyscale and Packed Pixel mode.
ü   AMD PowerTune technology dynamically optimized GPU power usage
ü   AMD ZeroCore Power technology reduces power consumption at idle by up to 95%
ü   PCI-Express 3.0 Interface
ü   Enterprise-class service and warranty.  Planned minimum 4-year product lifecycle
Target Market
Medical Display Manufacturers, EX: Barco,EIZO,NEC,Totoku…
Hospital Radiology Labs
PACS Review Station
Hospital Modalities
Besides the medical market, AMD FirePro W5000 DVI also tested and certified with many CAD/CAM/M&E professional ISVs certifications to ensure the compatibility and optimization.  Support Windows 8 OS and the latest API, AMD FirePro W5000 DVI is a very good graphics choice for the Dual-Link DVI display customers.
AMD FirePro W5000 DVI Specifications
Model Name
AMD FirePro™ W5000   DVI
Stream Processors
PCI-Express 3.0 Compliant
Memory Type
Memory Size
Bandwidth (Max.)
Floating Point
1.27 TFLOPS Single Precision
79.2 GFLOPS Double Precision
Dual-Link DVI *2
Max. Power consumption
API Support
OpenGL 4.2
DirectX 11.1
OpenCL 1.2
Board Size
Single Slot (7.5”)
Product Information: