Taipei – As MSI strives toward its goal of becoming one of the world’s top ten name brands by 2011, MSI will not be outdone in terms of product innovation, stylish design, quality, and multimedia performance. MSI CEO and President Joseph Hsu states that since its establishment 23 years ago, MSI has led the world in motherboards and graphic cards and has been very popular with consumers. What’s more, it has accumulated experience in product innovation, design, and R&D in notebooks and continues to introduce ground-breaking new products.

Innovative technologies, striving be world’s best

Hsu points out that after being the first in the world to unveil the 10” Wind U series in 2008, MSI was first in 2009 to roll out light X-Slim equipped with the ULV core. Now, notebooks can be thin, light, and chic, while still being big enough to use comfortably. Innovative capabilities like these have caused the MSI brand to shine on the global NB market. MSI is now among the top ten brands in some 30 countries and is expected to become one of the top ten brand names in the world overall in 2011.

This year, MSI’s innovative energy in terms of product development and design has gone into overdrive. MSI will be showing 30-plus notebook computers in six major NB series in booth L607 on the fourth floor of the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall during Computex, June 1-5.

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Ultimate sound—F & G series

MSI Marketing Director Sam Chern states that of the notebook computers being displayed at the exhibition, those with the most outstanding performance and multimedia in the G series are the 17” GX740 and GT760 and the 15.6” GX640 and GT660 models. Of these, MSI worked in cooperation with world-renowned sound system manufacturer Dynaudio to create the newest kings in gaming notebooks—the GT660 and GT760. They come equipped with MSI’s own TDE+ technology to give you overclocking at the touch of a finger, instantly boosting processor and graphics performance for new levels of gaming enjoyment that could never be had with traditional NBs. World champions Fnatic and US champions Evil Geniuses will be present at the exhibition hall on 1-5 June. Both teams attained their achievements at the keyboards of MSI gaming NBs and will be doing battle on the GT660. It looks to be an exciting clash.

With MSI’s all-new F series, you can now own a quality and stylish laptop characterized by sophisticated and innovative design at reasonable prices. Models include the FX400, FX600, FX610, FX700, and FR600. Ranging from 14” to 17” in size, the FX400, FX600, FX700, and FR600 come equipped with Intel’s latest high performance Core i5 CPU. The FX610 features AMD’s new Danube Champlian platform. The FX700 incorporates Dynaudio design for cinema-class surround sound. The entire series comes with world-leading THX theater-grade surround sound performance and certification. Models with discrete graphics in the F series are the first NBs in the world to be equipped with GPU Boost technology to automatically bolster sound performance to maximize your multimedia experience. 

MSI F Series
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New stylish classic NBs—C & P series

Representing the Classic series, MSI will be showing seven models—the CX410, CX420, CR420, CX620, CX623, CR630, and CX720, which range from 14”-17” in size and which all feature the latest Intel Core processor and the high performance display combination with superior multimedia processing performance. Coated in MSI’s own Color Film Print technology with classy cross-hatch design and equipped with MSI’s chiclet keyboard and seamless touchpad, they are the epitome of minimalist elegance.

Designed by MSI’s top design team, the newest business model, the P600, incorporates a high definition, power saving, LED backlit display, an embedded super thin DVD Super-Multi CD-ROM drive, and the latest Intel Core i5 processor. Even more exciting is the fingerprint reader which provides the ultimate in data security for the businessperson on the go. It weighs in at a mere 2.41kg and comes with MSI’s exclusive ECO Engine power saving technology which can stretch battery life to as much as eight hours per charge. Light, secure, and plenty of battery time make the P600 the ideal choice for the businessperson on the move.

*Actual battery time will vary with differences in computer use and settings.

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Urban slims for mobile life in the city—U & X series

To meet the needs of individuals on the go, five models, each from the MSI’s Wind U series and the X-Slim series, will be showcased. These include from the U series the 10” U135 and U140 as well as the U160, which received Germany’s iF Product Design Award, and the 12.1” U200 and U250. And from the X series, the 13” X340, which just received the Taiwan Excellence Award, the 13” X350 and X360, the 14” X420, and the 15.6” X620 which also won Germany’s iF Product Design Award. The U160, which runs for up to 15 hours on one charge, received Germany’s iF Product Design Award for 2010. The U160 allows you to run about all day on one charge.

The U250 features AMD’s newest power-sipping, high-performance duo core Genevo CPU and MSI’s own power-saving designs. The U250, which comes with trendy Color Film Print, received international certification from Energy Star and offers twice the battery life per charge of conventional NBs. MSI’s X-Slim series, which has received a number of awards, is characterized by a raised black diamond, an all-new power-saving duo core with souped-up processor and powerful 3D high definition display performance. It will undoubtedly snatch the spotlight at the upcoming Computex 2010.

MSI Wind U160
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New world of wireless entertainment—MSI WiMAX laptops, Slatebook

To meet the world’s fourth-generation mobile telecommunications needs, MSI pulled no stops in developing and producing WiMAX notebooks. A number of its new 10”-15.6” models support WiMAX and are available for purchase in ten countries on four continents, including the US and Japan. MSI will be displaying all its newest models in the WiMAX area at Computex 2010, including the Wind series of netbooks (U135 and U140) as well as the 13.4” X350 and the 14” X420 of the X-Slim series, so you can experience the ultimate in new levels of speed, low power consumption, and high performance in mobile Internet devices.

After turning the IT industry on its collective head with the exhibition of its dual-screen e-book and its single-screen Slatebook at CES and CeBIT in the first part of the year, MSI will be rolling out a new concept product—its 10” Slatebook which boasts outstanding hardware performance and software functions. The MSI Slatebook features Intel’s latest power-saving CPU platform, eight hours of battery power, and multi-touch control for the preloaded Windows 7 operating system. It tips the scales at a mere 800 grams, comes with 3G and WiFi wireless transfer, as well as USB and HDMI ports. It’s the perfect marriage of wireless urban entertainment and touch technology.