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Coming soon to CeBIT 2010

MSI will be presenting its outstanding array of products at CeBIT 2010, the world’s largest computer exhibition in booth area C38 in hall 17 from 2 to 6 March. In addition to showing the Wind U160 and X-Slim X620, both winners of the Germany’s iF Product Design Award for 2010, MSI will be displaying the GT660, a gaming notebook with superior multimedia capabilities designed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading stereo manufacturers.

Insisting on the best
The notebook market continued to grow in 2009 despite the economic gloom that enshrouded the globe. According to a survey of world markets, 127 million conventional laptops were sold in 2009, representing a 4.5% increase over 2008. Furthermore, 33.26 million netbooks were sold in 2009 compared to 15. 09 million in 2008. That’s an increase of 120%. With 2010 looking bright, MSI, backed by 23 years of technology and design, is scheduled to display its products at CeBIT 2010—the world’s largest international computer show in Hanover, Germany.

MSI President Joseph Hsu explains that despite last year’s financial tempest, MSI Notebooks still handed in a report card showing continued growth. In light of the this year’s economic recovery, MSI is determined to continue to “insist on the best” as it develops leading new high tech products that better meet the needs of consumers to make MSI one of the top ten laptop manufacturers in 2010.
Leading the way with five top technologies
Hsu stressed that after introducing Wind, the world’s first 10” netbook in 2008, MSI unveiled the world’s first ultra-thin X-Slim Series notebook with CULV in 2009. MSI’s new items for 2010 are simply amazing and include the Wind U160, the world’s first ultra-slim netbook with 15 hours of battery power, the slender X-Slim X620 with CULV’s superior multimedia capabilities, the GT660, an earthshaking gaming notebook equipped with Intel’s most advanced Core i7 Quad Processor, and the dual-screen multi-touch e-reader which attracted so much attention at CES.

MSI Marketing Director Sam Chern added that MSI’s theme will be “superior performance and multimedia capabilities” at CeBIT, symbolizing five major trend-triggering technologies in which MSI holds a leading position. These include MSI’s exclusive TDE overclocking and cooling technology, the smart GPU Boost power management technology, Cinema Pro high resolution image technology, advanced stereo technology, as well as award-winning designs for notebooks that are attractive, fashionable, slim, and light. These five major technologies are important to MSI as it develops beautiful laptops, environmentally friendly batteries with extended life, superior multimedia capabilities, and excellent display effects.

Chern goes on to explain that with these five major technological leads, this year, MSI is unveiling a number of notebooks with sizes from 10” to 17”. MSI will be showing close to 30 new models at the show, including the gorgeous 10” Wind U netbook with extended battery life, notebooks with professional multimedia capabilities from the ultra-thin X-Slim Series, G Series gaming computers with Intel’s new high performance core processor, classic and chic computers from the C Series which offer the best performance to price ratio, and new high end models from the P and F Series designed with the business and fashion markets.
Great sound and visuals
Chern explains that during CeBIT this year, MSI will be showing the ultimate in sight and sound. To this end, MSI worked in collaboration with one of the world’s top names in sound systems to develop the GT660, a gaming laptop that will make its debut during the show. The GT660 is the only notebook in the world with LED light display technology, so whether you are listening to music, watching a film, or engrossed in a video game, the LED light display technology will be there to help maximize your audio and visual experience.

Chern points out that in addition to MSI’s strong array of notebooks, a number of conceptual products with leading technologies will be displayed at the exhibition, including the large screen 3D GE700 notebook, MSI’s multi-touch control dual screen slate and the multi-touch control single screen e-reader. For more on the latest information about MSI at the 2010 CeBIT computer show, please go to
Information about MSI’s booth at CeBIT 2010, Hanover, Germany
Time: March 2-6, 2010
Location: Hall 17, Booth C38


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