Performance preview of AMD LIano vs Intel Sandy Bridge

In a few more weeks, the Intel Sandy bridge will face a new challenger, the AMD LIano. AMD LIano is the new processor series that is based on AMD Fusion, integrating the graphics processor into the same package of the processor. Also known as APU, it will compete head to head to Intel Sandy bridge which also power an embedded graphcis processor within.

While Intel H55 or Z68 can be paired up with the Core i3/i5 processors for it’s graphics capabilities, the AMD LIano processors have to be paired up with the A75 series motherboards with Socket FM-1.

So, how does the AMD LIano performs against the Intel Sandybridge? We take a look at two comparison running different processors on INTEL and AMD platform for 3DMark Vantage and PC Mark Vantage.

The scores are preliminary based on early beta drivers.


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