ASRock will showcase some of their new product line up at the Computex 2012 trade show.

(1) Record-breaking OC machine :Z77 OC Formula.

(2) World’s 1st 4-channel Thunderbolt mobo :Z77 Extreme6/TB4

(3) World’s most luxurious X79 mobo :X79 Extreme11

(4) AMD FM2 Socket Series

Motherboard Emperor : X79 Extreme11

The X79 Extreme11 is a premium motherboard using luxury material, applying high-class specification. Adding credits to overclocking, ASRock X79 Extreme11 adopts hefty 24 + 2 Power Phase Design which features tough components and smooth power deliver to the CPU. Unprecedentedly equipped with LSI™ SAS2308 chip, this feature-rich mobo provides maximum 10 sets of SATA3 connectors and 8 of the 10 can be used as SAS. Enthusiasts will also appreciate the onboard two PLX PEX 8747 bridges. Via PLX PEX bridges, ASRock X79 Extreme11 can run multi-GPU 4-Way SLI/CrossFireX at PCIe Gen3 x16/x16/x16/x16 mode without sacrificing anything.

For audio aspect, the onboardCreative Sound Core3Dquad-core sound and voice processor offers true-to-life sound experience, supports THX TruStudio PRO™ superior technology, CrystalVoice, EAX 1.0 to EAX 5.0 and Scout Mode™.

All-Rounder : Z77 Extreme9

The top-of-the-line Z77 Extreme9 motherboard combines luxury materials and overclockable configurations. The fancy LED designwas clad in air-channeling heatsink and south bridge, delivering effective heat dissipation.PLX PEX 8747 bridge allows this board to run 4-Way SLI / CrossFireX at full PCIe Gen3 x8 / x8 / x8 / x8 mode. The exclusive2T2R Dual Band WiFi802.11 a/b/g/n + BT v4.0 Module offers support for WiFi802.11 a/b/g/n connectivity standards and Bluetooth v4.0 and provide Dual Band frequency up to 2.4 / 5 GHz as well.Wi-SB BOXbrings superior WiFi and Bluetooth signal quality and even provides 2 front USB 3.0 ports.

Record-breaking OC Machine : Z77 OC Formula

In addition to a wide range of premium motherboard solutions, a must-see product at ASRock COMPUTEX 2012 isZ77 OC Formula. This is an overclocking-oriented motherboard which was developed by the world’s OC legacy performer, Nick Shih. The board opens up overclocking possibilities and gives you control opportunities in every way, featuring the most detailed and considerate design of any overclocking motherboard.

The soon-to-be-launched Z77 OC Formula provides serious compute power and shows off the true potential of a stock-clocked Z77 chipset. Nick Shih, ASRock’s exclusive OC master, just submitted several record-breaking overclocking results which are raked No.1 position at HWBOT. The unbeatable OC performance includes following:

World’s 1st 4-Channel Thunderbolt Mobo: Z77 Extreme6/TB4

This year, Thunderbolt™ should be the hottest topic at COMPUTEX. ASRock Z77 Extreme6/TB4 adopts 2 Thunderbolt ports which is first motherboard supporting 4-Channel Thunderbolt technology in the world. Compared to other Thunderbolt-ready motherboards with only 1 port, the unprecedented Z77 Extreme6/TB4 provides 2 ports. Based on ASRock exclusive hardware design, this board allows one port to be connected to the onboard graphics and the other one can be used for discrete graphics card.

What’s Hot : AMD FM2 Series

At ASRock’s powerhouse, visitors can also get a fresh look of AMD’s new FM2 socket motherboards. For the imminent launch of the next generation of AMD FM2 platform, ASRock will present its most powerful APU motherboard series based on the upcoming FM2 socket. New lineup includes one ATX and two micro ATX mobos – FM2A75 Pro4, FM2A75 Pro4-M and FM2A75M-DGS.


Build Up The Best Server/WorkStation

Dedicated to your business! ASRock make its debut of Server/Workstation motherboards at COMPUTEX 2012. New mobos include EN2C602-4L, E3C204-V, E3C204-4L and H77WS-DL.

Server segment is nothing new – but ASRock takes this seriously. Our comprehensive motherboard packages support 24/7 hours/days non-stop operation and 24-month life cycle guarantee supply. The premium quality is assured by rigorous testing during development as well. Creating the ultimate server/workstation is more than running a box of hard drives – it’s about the software, how the hardware is configured, and how the box is connected and accessed. ASRock Server/Workstation motherboard series include everything essential that will surely serve pretty much all your needs!


Productivity, Stability, Reliability

ASRock IPC Motherboard Series can be widely used for any kind of industrial usages. From KIOSK, gaming machine panel PC, retail & POS to surveillance…, getting more from the motherboard has never been easier. Coupled with top-end hardware components, premium software utilities and APIs, ASRock IPC Motherboard Series are surely the best solution to build up a successful business. More to the point, ASRock provides long-term and stable supply, even bundles 2 year warranties, we are confident to deliver high performance after-sales service as well.


Sweet Home Starts Here : VisionX, Vision HT, MINI Series

ASRock new HTPC series is a combination of primo materials, overwhelming performance and sophisticated design that will turn your living room into the center of attraction and enhance family bonds.

Small in stature, theASRock VisionX Series packs a very hefty punch. Supporting Intel’s 3rd Generation Core Processors, AMD Radeon™ HD7850M graphics and AMD HD3D Technology, VisionX Series offers the incredible performance that every user deserves. It’s also equipped with BD Combo, 2T2R Dual-Band WiFi a/g/b/n/ design, THX TruStudio and Bistream audio, VisionX Series delivers 3D entertainment in stunning HD quality effortlessly.

Ultra-thin, ultra-silent and ultra-powerful,Vision HT Series supports Intel Mobile Ivy Bridge Processor, Bistream, THX TruStudio, BT v4.0, Dual-Band WiFi and Intel HD Graphics that will take center stage at your home! Based on AMD E2-1800 APU with AMD Radeon™ HD7340 graphics, ASRock MINI Series can let users get a richer and more immersive HD enjoyment.

If you want home theater furniture that performs as good as it looks, and the choice is obvious. Only ASRock HTPC Series combines stunning beauty and thoughtfully engineered features like MCE remote-friendly controller, superior WiFi and BT 4.0 design and excellent graphics solutions to create furniture that perfectly integrates technology into you home.