Computex Taipei 2015 is more of a Intel show because whereever you go, you find this on the spec sheet. USB 3.1 Type C. A few years back, Thunderbolt was heavily promoted but it only resided and ended as a more Mac exclusive technology. We have reviewed USB 3.1 performance based on the ASmedia chipset here. So, are the manufacturers ready to take on the USB 3.1 ? Let’s see who else other than Kingston has USB 3.1 devices ready.


IMGP1294 copy
Apacer USB 3.1 Thumb drive AH185



IMGP1305 copy
PQI iConnect Mini

IMGP1306 copy

IMGP1307 copy

IMGP1308 copy

IMGP1312 copy
PNY Duolink for iPhone and iPad


By Harry