Corbell and MSI launches new generation of gaming notebooks featuring exclusive technologies

2013-05-20 17.24.29

Are you a gamer ? If the answer is Yes, you would probably want to do away bulky motherboard and graphics card and go for a gaming notebook. Corbell with MSI yesterday launches a series of gaming notebooks featuring the next generation Intel processors. The new machines features high end discrete graphics which will perform just as good as the desktop machines. The new gaming notebooks comes with new exclusive features like Super Raid 2, Cooler Boost 2, Matrix Display and Killer Doubleshot. A speed booster Super Raid 2 makes reading and writing speed 15 times faster than the speed of using one hard disk using up to 3 SSD + 1 HDD in a RAID 0. Cooler Boost 2 blows heat away and keeps your palm cool. Matrix Display let you work multi-tasking with up to 4 monitors and Killer Doubleshot let you respond faster in time-conscious FPS games with lower latency. The models are GT70 Dragon edition 2 and GT70 2OD, GX70 3BE, GE70 2OE, and brand new products GS70 and GE40 2NC.


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While most of the features are available on most Gaming series notebooks, only the high end GS70 and GT70 has Killer Doubeshot and GT70 has Super RAID2 2013-05-20 16.40.00

By Harry