MSI Tablets Roadmap

MSI also has a series of Android ARM based tablets ready for the new quarter. The new models are Primo 92, 75, 73, 93, 81 and 7X.

The Primo 93 (3G) is the top of the range and come with 3G but it only has a 1024×768 screen. The Primo 92 is similar minus the 3G.

Primo 81 is the smaller size version of Primo 92 but with a IPS screen.

Primo 75 and 7X (3G) both has a 7″ IPS 1080×800 display with Primo 7X supporting 3G. Primo 73 is simply the normal 7″ 1024×600 tablet targeting the entry level user.


2013-05-20 16.58.04


Primo 92 on display


2013-05-20 17.20.51


MSI is definitely moving fast and the product line is quite targeted. We look forward to testing out some of these products in the near future.

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