Other Notebooks

MSI also gave an update on their Windows 8 integrated graphics notebooks.

The C Series notebooks are more for the normal users and they feature the new generation processor. The 14 inches will be for mobility and uses the integrated graphics whereas the 15.6″ and 17.3″ will have discrete graphics chip GeForce GT740 and GT720 graphics respectively.

2013-05-20 16.55.51

2013-05-20 16.48.31

Other than gaming and business notebooks, MSI also has Workstation class notebook and a Slidebook S20 which is more for mobility as it is lightweight and compact.

The MSI Slidebook S20 is a hybrid which can be used as a tablet. With a 1.16kg and 18mm of thinness, it is definitely an Ultrabook that most would like to own one.

2013-05-20 16.53.41


As for the high end, MSI has the GT60/GT70 Workstation class notebook. It has in built Nvidia Quadro GPU and SuperRAID speed well suitable for CAD, multimedia, rendering etc.

2013-05-20 16.48.49