Pictures of the Dell Latitude 6430u

The Dell Latitude 6430u unit comes installed with 8GB RAM and a 128GB Samsung SSD. From the power on sequence to boot up to Windows login screen takes less than 6 seconds.

On the keyboard, you will find the illuminated white LEDs which can be turn on/off. The volume controls are next to the power button on the keyboard.


On the left hand side of the unit are the power connector, D-SUB, USB and audio out port. There is also a switch for you to physically off the WiFi.

power dsub usb audio wifi switch

On the right hand side is the USB port and the Gigabit Ethernet LAN port.

usb and lan port

At the back of the unit we can see the LED light indicating the power, charging and disk status. Below it is a 2 in 1 eSATA/USB port.

esata and usb port

The HDMI port is on the left of eSATA/USB port.

hdmi portback

More pictures in the gallery below

By Harry