We’ve been expecting an annoucement about Windows tablets for a few weeks. In fact, tablets seem to be something of a theme at CES this year.

Earlier today, Samsung took the wraps off a Windows 7-powered tablet-netbook hybrid with a slide-out keyboard. Dubbed the Sliding PC 7, the tablet weighs 2.18 pounds and is about three-quarters of an inch thick. It’ll have 3G and WiMAX connectivity and features a 32 or 64 GB hard drive.

At tonight’s keynote, Microsoft exec Mike Angiulo showed off a slew of tablets with intriguing and varied form factors. We saw touchscreens, slide-out keyboards, dual-screen machines, stylus-friendly tablets and more from Acer, Samsung and ASUS.

The exciting two screen Acer tablet is simply amazing, the two screens can act as one or one can act as a keyboard with a touch on the capactive screen. The Samsung one has a slider keyboard which can be slide in to become a full tablet.

Also, the company annouced a brand-new version of Microsoft Surface. No longer a huge box, Surface is now just four inches thick with infrared sensors across the screen, which itself is covered in Gorilla Glass. It can handle multitouch from multiple hands at the same time. It’s now a viable candidate for wall-mounting, retail use and much more.