Ultrabooks seems to be taking centre stage these days when more business users require something that is lightweight, speedy and not afraid of water spill.  Comparatively more expensive than the 10 inches tablets with keyboards, the 14 inches ultrabook gives you a proven platform for business use.

With the incorporation of Windows 8 Professional and 128GB SSD, it also speeds up the system and thus less waiting time required to start up. Although SSD sizes are limited compared to HDD and rises according to capacity, the Dell Latitude 6430u eSATA/USB allows you to tap external storage to expand it’s storage space almost instantaneously.

It is somewhat a bit of disappointment though that the unit does not come with a touch screen since Windows 8 supports it. It would be something that would be nice to have a hybrid 14″ device.

In Conclusion, we find that the Dell Latitude 6430u is a good choice for professional business users. The product is priced from S$2194 depending on the configuration.

We give it our Gold award.



By Harry