Draco, the manufacturer for the only DVB-T2 digital broadcast tuner has issued a new firmware for the set top box.

To flash the firmware, you will have to use a PC/MAC to download the compressed file and unzip it. Copy the unzipped file into a USB stick.

Insert the USB stick into the front USB jack and select settings from the main menu and follow the instructions here.

You can download the firmware at this page.

Original firmware version is V1.1.5 dtd Nov 15, 2013

Latest firmware version is V.1.2.0 dtd Feb 20, 2014

We did not notice any major changes made. It is still not a straightforward process to change the language of the EPG. The new firmware still do not support RMVB.

Our review of the DVB-T2 set top box.

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Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna (formerly Leaf Ultimate)

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