SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks

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We took the processor and overclock it to 4.5GHz on AIR with a bump in voltage to 1.25v. As the memory modules were running at DDR3-2133, we see a slight difference in score against the ASUS Maximus which ran our XMP profile Kingston modules at DDR3-2400.


ECS Z97 SiSoft Sandra 2015 Memory Benchmarks
ECS Z97 SiSoft Sandra 2015 Memory Benchmarks


Arithmetic Test

In Arithmetic Test, the ECS Z97-PK Deluxe seems to underperform by just a few points, scoring 109.54 against the 116.43 of ASUS Maximus VII Ranger.

ECS Z97-PK Arithmetic benchmarks


Multimedia Test

Likewise the lower differences isn’t that far apart between the ECS Z97 PK Deluxe versus the ASUS.

ECS Z97 benchmarks 2_html_9909f269


Media Transcoding

Again we see that running at DDR3-2400 does have some advantage over DDR3-2133.


ECS Z97 benchmarks 2_html_9d9edc8d

By Harry