There are reports in forums everywhere that users are unable to activate their iOS 5, noting that Apple’s activation servers are beginning to go down. They are left with error code 3200 and it unable to complete the activation. This means that the phone can’t be used and is stucked.

Some users reinstalled and waited and finally they can get it installed and activated while others are left with ‘bricked’ phones.

While our American counterparts are happily bricking their phones, Asia users still are stucked with iTunes 10.4 and check for updates doesn’t show the existance of iOS 5.0 for download.

For users who are experiencing issues, they can actually download the IPSW file and update it by supplying the filename OPTION KEY + CHECK for UPDATE.

Share your experiences with updating of iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad in the comments section below.