EtronTech USB 3.0 outperforms NEC USB 3.0 controller

Lately, we tested a couple of new boards based on the INTEL P67/H67 chipset. Most of these board uses the NEC USB 3.0 chipset to power 2 ports of USB 3.0 interface.

While most vendors prefer to use the tested and proven USB 3.0 controller from NEC, ASRock board uses the EtronTech chipset on it’s P67 and H67 series.

We did some tests on the performance of USB 3.0 with a USB 3.0 SSD drive  and found that the Etrontech does perform better. Here are some quick numbers.

PCMark Vantage HDD benchmark

NEC  21113
EtronTech  22782

Difference +7.9%

SiSoft Sandra 2011 Disk Benchmark

NEC 146.76MB/s
EtronTech 156.11 MB/s

Difference +6.37%

Not only sequential read/write performance, it also outperform it in IOPS in random write.

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