DVB-T2 broadcasts in Singapore , how to receiveDVB-T2 broadcasts in Singapore , how to receive

FAQ How to tune into MediaCorp DVB-T2 Digital HD/SD broadcasts

Most younger generation of Singaporeans have not seen a MATV or an external antenna that is housed on the roof top. This is acceptable because most of us lives in a HDB flat which no longer has an external master antenna. In replacement, the TV ports in the HDB flats are connected to the Starhub Cable network to deliver both analog (formerly over the air) and digital DVB-C signals from Starhub.

If you are a non-subscriber to Starhub, your TV is most likely connected through the RF port direct behind the TV. The Starhub cable which is connected to your home TV RF ports delivers the Free to Air MediaCorp 7 channels in Analog format + Starhub test pattern + SportArena channel. When you subscribe to Starhub 3 basic group or package, you will use install the decoder box and tv output will be from the HDMI port. The DVB-C signals from Starhub are decrypted and display on your TV and they look sharper and clearer.  So far, Starhub only delivers HD5 and there is no word on when they will deliver Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham in HD.

The confusion starts here. Some users I saw on another forum bought DVB-T2 capable TV sets but they plugged the antenna to the TV port mounted on the wall. A DVB-T2 decoder is not capable of decoding digital signals from the Starhub cable point in DVB-C signals. Instead, the TV set or set top box should be hooked up to an internal or better, an external antenna to receive the  DVB-T2 signals.

When you are scanning the TV set for both Analog+digital signals, you should not receive the Starhub colour bar test pattern. If you receive that as an analog channel, that means your RF port is connected to the wall mounted port and you will never be able to receive the digital DVB-T2 channels over the air.

Some TV sets with both capability of decoding DVB-T and DVB-T2, will decode two instances of HD5 as it is delivered in both formats. You might be lucky to pick up DVB-T2 broadcasts from Indonesia Batam island if you reside in the southern or western parts of Singapore.

Enjoy tuning your TV set top box or TV set and have fun. Sample screen captures of the HD broadcast can be seen here.

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  1. Hi,

    We have digital tv. May i know when we gg to get digital channel?
    Or we need to buy extra antenna?
    In online , is stated as indoor reception ready.
    But i am not able to get any digital channel when tv scans for analog+ digital channel
    Should i connect to the wall mount TV antenna or buy seperate antenna?

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  3. Can a Draco HDT2-7300 indoor antenna serve more than one digital tuner TVs by using spliter?

    1. It is point to point.
      In fact once it is deployed countrywide, you probably just need a normal UHF antenna without booster you should be ale to receive the signals

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