Malaysia begins DVB-T2 digital broadcasts in Johor

Malaysia is starting to transmit digital TV signals in the southern state of Johor. Residents in Johor including the southern tip of Johor Bahru is able to receive the digital versions of the terrestrial channels.

Here are screen shots of channels you can receive if you stay in that region. Channels include TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8Tv, TV9, TVAH. All channels are transmitted over two frequencies of 682 and 698 MHz and are in Standard Definition only.

If you own a Draco set top box or any DVB-T2 box living in Woodlands area, do test it if you are able to receive the Malaysian broadcasts (and comment below).

Our review of DRACO DVB-T2 set top box for receiving Mediacorp TV broadcasts in Singapore. You can also purchase other models to receive digital broadcasts as analog broadcasts will be switched over by Dec 2017 (in Singapore) and by 2020 for the region.

malaysia dvb-t2 8tv
DVB-T2 channel 698MHz for Malaysia 8TV
malaysia dvb-t2 tv9
A list of channels transmitted over DVB-T2 in Johor Malaysia
malaysia dvb-t2 tvah
Channel TV AH broadcasted in Digital DVB-T2 standard


In addition, residents are also capable of receiving Singapore’s Mediacorp 7 TV channels using a DVB-T2 receiver.

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16 thoughts on “Malaysia begins DVB-T2 digital broadcasts in Johor”
  1. I stay at Sembawang , I can receive 8tv channel ,if i watch it is free of charge in singapore?

  2. Those living in the north having a clear view of malaysia,position your antenna towards that direction and retune

    1. Some of are audio only channels
      Some channel delayed loading and not so stable
      Had to keep the antenna pointed towards malaysia else not stable
      Hope the malaysia side will increase transmission power so SG can pick it up

      1. Where was your exact location? in a chalet ? HDB block ?

        1. At the changi beach
          Had to point the antenna towards the sea and malaysia

          1. are you using a portable USB DVB_T2 tuner plugged into a notebook?

          2. USB DVB-T2 tuner for android phones
            Need to download an app to use it
            Only work on android 6 and below
            For phone with micro usb connector and support OTG

      2. Those living =at woodlands should really give It a try.

  3. It is actually pointing the antenna towards malaysia and the sea

    1. Any screen shots . How is the reception? Which dvb-t2 device did you use ? Did you need an amplifier ?

  4. Managed to receive malaysian DVB-T2 changi village using android DVB-T2 dongles
    Had to stay near the coast and direct the antenna towards malaysia to get it

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