Fuji Xerox Launches Optical System for Simultaneous Transmission of 4K Video, Audio and LAN Communications Data Using Proprietary Technology

The Only*1 Optical Transmission System to Have Acquired HDMI Certification

SINGAPORE, January 29, 2016 – Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, announced the launch of the 4K HDMI/IP Optical Transmission System, an infrastructure box enabling simultaneous transmission of 4K video, audio and 1000 BASE-T local area network (LAN) communications data over distances up to 800 meters. Sales have begun in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia on January 21st , 2016, and will be followed by other parts of the Asia Pacific region.

Applying the Company’s proprietary surface-emitting semiconductor laser technology called VCSEL*2 originally developed for color multifunction printers, Fuji Xerox has realized the 800-meter simultaneous transmission of 4K video, audio, and LAN communications data through a fiber-optic data transmission technology in this new product.

Since 4K resolution is four times that of full high definition (full HD, also known as 2K), the difficulty lied in transmitting the massive volume of data over long distances. Compression of 4K video data with 30 frames per second would cause further delay in transmission. To meet these challenges, the 4K HDMI/IP Optical Transmission System converts high-resolution video data into optical signals without compression and transfers the data over a single optical cable, offering the capacity to transmit 4K video data without a single frame of delay.

In addition, the 4K HDMI/IP Optical Transmission System is designed to meet the expected growing demand for optical video transmission equipment that can simplify the construction of high-resolution video systems. This is possible because the simultaneous support video, audio and LAN data reduce the cost of separate wiring for data transmission over LAN.


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“Figure: System Configuration Example”


When used for touch panel digital signages, the 4K HDMI/IP Optical Transmission System enables the sending and receiving of 4K video data along with touch panel control signals via LAN to bring about interactive video communication. This serves as a novel solution that opens up new possibilities for video communication.

The system will also benefit hospitals as the large 4K monitor will allow the doctor to monitor precise details such as the patient’s capillaries. Voice information, such as instructions from the doctor, can be transmitted to medical students in another room. The fiber optical cables of this device also eliminate any undesirable electrical noises and bring about a quiet operation.

Potential applications include digital signages at train stations and airports or along streets, monitoring systems within factories, tablet-based active learning at educational institutions, surgical video sharing within hospitals and many other communication scenarios.

Leveraging on its advanced technologies, Fuji Xerox will continue to provide world-class solutions for new ways of communicating.

By Harry