First look at AMD 8 core Bulldozer processor FX-8150 with benchmarks
bluetooth 12 Oct 2011

AMD officially unveils it’s 8 Core processors the Zambezi based on Bulldozer architecture. Targetting the performance and PC enthusiasts, it is the fastest AMD processor to date to spot a new design with 8 cores.

The most anticipated model is the FX-8150, an unlocked, 8-Core processor. The FX-8150 has a 3.6GHz (base), 3.9GHz (CPU Turbo), 4.2GHz (Max Turbo) speed. It has 256K L1 instruction (64KB per module) / 128K L1 data cache (16K per module), 2MB of L2 data cache per module (8MB total L2 per processor) and 8MB (shared) L3. The total L2+L3 cache is 16MB. It has an integrated 72 bits x 2 memory controller and can support up to DDR3-1866.

The processor is based on HyperTransport 3.0 Specification with one 16-bit/16-bit link @ up to 4.4GHz full duplex (2.2GHz x2).

The packaging is the Socket AM3+ 938-pin organic micro pin grid array (micro-PGA). Max TDP is 125W.

In the next page, we will take a look at some benchmark numbers in our ongoing tests.


One thought on “First look at AMD 8 core Bulldozer processor FX-8150 with benchmarks”
  1. It has some real good numbers from the reading of the spec.

    will be building another machine with this in mind for replacement.

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